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About This Dental Podcast

Growing A Dental Practice is one of the best dental podcasts for practice owners. Follow along as we document the stories of ambitious Dentists on their journey as a new practice owners.

Listeners gain unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to the inner workings of a growing dental practices. Experience the ups and downs, wins and challenges of scaling a dental business from a business and marketing perspective.

Along the way, host Mike Hennan, Co-Founder of dental practice growth consultancy, PatientBoost, and co-host, Hazel Woodward, Founder of Lift Social, will be joined by special guests including renowned dental marketers & business consultants, successful practice owners, inspiring associates, standout suppliers, and many more.

We’re on a mission to give new principals and aspiring practice owners the tools, knowledge, support, and confidence to build the dental business of their dreams

Latest Podcast Episodes

EP62 Improving Dental Practice Cybersecurity with Michael Bakaic

In this episode, our host, Mike Hennan from PatientBoost, is thrilled to have a conversation with Michael Bakaic, Founder and CEO of Iceberg Cyber. Iceberg Cyber is an organization that assists small businesses, including dental practices, in identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities in their data, website, network, and office equipment. In

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EP61 From Lab To Practice with Harriet Rose

In this episode, Mike speaks with Harriet Rose Head of Dental & Cosmetic Sectors at EnquiryBot, the all-in-one chatbot helping dental practices increase and manage enquiries from their website. Highlights from this episode include: ✅ What was it like working at a dental lab ✅ What challenges did she face

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EP60 Financial Foundations with Steven Huskey

In this episode, Mike speaks with Steven Huskey, Co-Founder of Bluewater Dental Advisors – a financial advice firm for dental practice owners. Highlights from this episode include: ✅ What financial aspects of owning a dental practice can be overlooked due to the demands of the job ✅ How can proper

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Meet Your Host

Mike Hennan

Mike is the Co-Founder of PatientBoost – the dental practice growth consultancy helping busy practice owners make more money from higher quality patients while spending less time at work.

Mike loves dentistry as much as you can without being a dental professional. When he’s not recording podcast episodes, he’s working with dental practices to implement business & marketing strategies to attract better patients, streamline internal processes, and increase profit, chairing the Dental Business Alliance (DBA), or running marathons.

Mike Hennan - PatientBoost
Hazel Woodward - Lift Social

Meet Your Co-Host

Hazel Woodward

Hazel is the founder of Lift, a Social Media Management company for Dentists & Dental Practices and a self-confessed social media queen (or addict, if you ask her husband)!

Hazel has worked in social media for over 10 years including 4 years at a dental biomaterials supplier. Hazel and her team love nothing more than helping their clients grow their practice, sell more course spots, or elevate their personal brand.

Have a story to share?

If you’d like to share your knowledge and experience of growing a dental practice, the we’d love to get you on the podcast as a guest!

We’re especially interested in speaking with established practice owners, dental marketers, business consultants, and associate dentists who want to own their own practice one day.

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